Forcey Falcons Basketball Senior Night 2024 will be held Tuesday, Feb 6th. This special ceremony will take place during our final home game.

Senior Night

The basketball season is just about over, and for many schools, it's a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the young players who are just starting their basketball journey. Our 8th grade basketball players deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication to the sport before moving on to high school.

Celebrate with us during this special recognition ceremony for the 8th grade players during our final home game on February 6th. This recognition ceremony is a great way to show the 8th graders how important they are to us and how much the school values their hard work and dedication. It is also a great way to build excitement and anticipation for the future of the program.

WHEN: TUES, Feb 6th

TIME: 4:00pm

WHERE: SASDAC - 2001 E Randolph Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904


Coach Burgess
Athletic Director / Physical Education
Forcey Christian School