Forcey Christian School Lady Falcons Volleyball Team Set the Play in Motion

Rising Stronger: Falcons Volleyball Team’s Unwavering Spirit

Thursday was our 2nd game of the season against Mount Airy Christian Academy. While the outcome didn't go in our favor, the spirit and determination displayed by our team were truly inspiring.

The final scores tell the story of a hard-fought battle:
Set 1: Loss 23-25
Set 2: Won 25-12
Set 3 ended with a score of 8-15.

It was a rollercoaster of a game, with moments of intense competition and flashes of our team's undeniable potential.

In Set 1, our players gave it their all, showing great heart and skill on the court. It was a close contest that could have gone either way.

Set 2 was a testament to our resilience and ability to bounce back. The team came out firing on all cylinders, dominating with a convincing 25-12 win.

Though Set 3 didn't swing in our favor. It's important to remember that every game is an opportunity for growth and learning. We're using this experience as motivation to work even harder, tighten up on our skills, and strengthen our teamwork.

We are staying positive. The season is far from over, and we're confident that with each game, we will get stronger.


Coach Burgess
Athletic Director / Physical Education
Forcey Christian School

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