Men At Work

While Forcey students are enjoying their well-earned summer vacation, Mr. Stewart and Coach Burgess are working on setting up their brand-new Athletic Office in Room 158, just across hall from their old office, which will be turned into a storage area for uniforms and athletic equipment.

Our new Athletic Office will have plenty of room for Forcey coaches and teams to have study halls and team meetings, as well as a gathering place for players after they’ve changed into uniforms or practice clothes and are waiting for the bus to take them where they need to go. There is also room to store gym bags, backpacks, and other equipment items that won’t fit in school lockers.

We are excited about this new chapter in Forcey athletics and thank Mrs. Vislay and Mr. Scott for making this room available to us. We can’t wait to show it off to Forcey students and parents this fall when we reopen! GO FALCONS!