Forcey Volleyball Team came out strong at home against Grace Christian School

A Lesson in Sportsmanship: Forcey Volleyball’s Gracious Win

Today we came out strong at home against Grace Christian School. Even though we won both sets back-to-back (25-9 and 25-8), the essence of this game was more about sportsmanship, unity, and the chance for our lesser-played players to shine. Our serving was very consistent. Olivia Chew showed off today with some amazing serves, serving 11 straight points in the first set! Tito Alawode earned her first kill of the season today, and our rookie player, Shiloh McWain, had the opportunity to serve in the game. Victoria Glover, another rookie player, had some good minutes on the floor and had a few opportunities to make some plays on the ball. Also, a special shoutout to Chase Hamlett for running the books and the scoreboard today.

Even though today’s game was not as competitive as we expected, we were reminded that we’ve been on the losing end of a low-scoring game just a year ago. We understand that the essence of sportsmanship extends beyond the score, and it’s about fostering a love for the game and growing together as a team. Each player, no matter their role, is a valuable part of our volleyball team!

Go Falcons!!! ???

Coach Burgess
Athletic Director / Physical Education
Forcey Christian School

Special Note

If you didn’t get a chance to see the match in person, you have a chance to watch the match that was LIVE streamed – A special thank you to our Falcon Parents for their assistance!


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