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A Week of Ups and Downs: Falcons Volleyball Journey Continues

This past week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for our team, filled with valuable lessons and moments of triumph and growth. We believe in sharing both the highs and lows, as they contribute to our journey of becoming stronger, more skilled, and closer as a team.

On Monday, we faced a tough challenge against Covenant Life. While the scores were not in our favor (Set 1: 10-25, Set 2: 22-25), our players demonstrated resilience and determination throughout the game. They fought hard and never gave up, embodying the spirit of true competitors.

Wednesday brought a fresh start as we went up against Liberty Christian School. The energy and teamwork displayed by our players were simply phenomenal. With convincing wins of 25-8 in both Set 1 and Set 2, we showcased our ability to bounce back and play at our best when it matters most.

Victoria Glover had her chance to shine with scoring 7 points through her serves in the 1st set. Laetitia Tchouta also contributed with 11 strait points!

In the 2nd set, Olivia Chew started us off with 6 strait points, and Beket Wagari served the rest of the game by earning us the final 6 points to victory.

As we look forward, our next challenges are just around the corner. On Monday, we will be taking on Bethel Christian Academy, and on Tuesday, we have the much-anticipated rematch against Mount Airy Christian School. Both games are at home! We hope to see you on the court supporting your Forcey Falcons!!!

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
– Phil Jackson

Together, we’ll rise above every challenge, celebrate our victories, and keep growing stronger with each serve, pass, and spike. GO FALCONS!!! 🏐💪🌟

Coach Burgess
Athletic Director / Physical Education
Forcey Christian School

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